Loving: Splendid Dirt!

Welcome to a new blog series- LOVING!  These are the products that we try, test and LOVE at the Apple Barrel.  This week I tried the Splendid Dirt mask from FarmHouse Fresh.  And I am lyhst-95208568681283_2270_14505607oving it!

FarmHouse Fresh is a brand of face and body products by an awesome group in Texas.  Their products are adored by celebrities like Oprah, Courteney Cox, Kaley Cuoco- Sweeting and more.  Practically all of the products are all natural, gluten- free and vegan.  And they are made using REAL stuff like chocolate and strawberries.  The packaging is adorable too. And has a great vintage touch and awesome sayings.

I decided to try the Splendid D484709_549057588440741_1492136679_nirt mask after getting a rave review about it from a customer.  After a long day, I grabbed my foot spa, some nail polish, a great magazine and some Kaydeross Kreme ice cream ready to settle in for a bit of pampering and indulgence. 

I rubbed the mask on and it smelled like… pumpkin pie! Splendid Dirt has lots of fabulous pumpkin puree and yogurt in the mask.  From their website, “Get dirty! Red, blotchy, and oily skin- you’ve met your mask. Splendid Dirt is a natural, nutrient-rich pot of Illite and Bentonite clays, fresh enzyme-full pumpkin puree, and active yogurt cultures that instantly boosts overall radiance by deep cleansing pores, temporarily shrinking their look, and improving the look of broken capillaries and uneven skin tones. This thick blended puree goes on whipped and velvety smooth, bringing a party-orange pumpkin face that might scare the neighbors, but will seriously de-gunk and help purify even the most congested skin.

You’ll feel Splendid Dirt working- a mild tingling sensation begins as oxygenation and circulation increases. The feeling is temporary, and as the mask dries, skin is actually left calmed and soothed, decreasing everyday blotchinesyhst-95208568681283_2267_3628558s. It is recommended for all skin types, except those with sensitive skin, at least once per week. We LOVE it after using One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish!
99.6% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, it is Paraben and Sulfate Free.”

And they were right! Not only was the smell irresistible the mask created a great tingling feeling on my skin. I left the mask on for about an hour (far longer than necessary but I couldn’t get over the smell).  After rinsing the mask off my face I couldn’t wait to take a look in the mirror to see the results.  The redness and blotchiness of my face was dramatically reduced.  The biggest difference was the size of my pores- hugely reduced! The results are amazing! 

Can’t wait to try some of the other FarmHouse Fresh products! Maybe the Bourbon Bubbler scrub?!   Get some now at our website.