For the Love of Craft Beer

Here are the Barrel, we love craft beer.  Craft beer continues to grow in popularity in the US as many more people are venturing away from Coors and Budweiser.

The Apple Barrel is hosting a Local Brewing Presentation for History and Harvest Weekend on October 12.  We are honored to have Craig Gravina from the Albany Ale Project come and discuss with us the great things going on with brewing in our area and our strong history in brewing.  Craig will be joined by Justin Behan of Green Wolf Brewing Co. in Middleburgh.  Justin is opening the first micro craft brewery in Schoharie County and what makes his beer even nicer is that he is using Schoharie Valley grown hops in many of them.  Justin will be offering a tasting of his beers that you will be able to get at his brewery soon.

In anticipation of our upcoming event, I figured it was time to offer a lesson on how to taste craft beers.  Then you can come into the Apple Barrel and sample one of the many that we offer from New York State and New England.  To learn more about craft beers, also check out Brew Central– your resource for learning all about craft beer in Central New York and an association we are a proud member of.