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How To: Store and Organize Your Christmas Decorations

Use old belts to wrangle that tree!

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Blogger Grunge Zombie recommends cinching up your tree with thrift store belts to make it a more manageable, storable size.


Thanks to Apartment Therapy for some awesome tips!

Movember Madness!

movember_letterhead copy

We are thoroughly anticipating our Movember Charity Event to benefit Marathon for a Better Life as part of our 12 Months of Kindness.  The event is this Sunday. November 17 from 3 to 5pm.  

The event will include a beard and moustache contest.  Contest judges are Assemblyman Pete Lopez, our former cafe manager Joel Bramer, and Justin Behan of Green Wolf Brewery.  Prizes for the contest include growlers of beer and gift baskets! Please scroll down to see the categories and rules.

Justin Behan will also be hosting a beer tasting for us of the many craft beers we offer at the Apple Barrel.  Joel Bramer is providing live music too!

The event will also include a sampling of many of our gourmet food items, a 50/50 raffle and tons of fun! You don’t want to miss it.

We have lots of  upcoming events.  Check them out and mark your calendars! See you soon!


Beard and Moustache Contest Info


• Best Moustache

• Best Beard

• Best Partial Beard

• Best BoSox (Team Entry)

• Overall Best in Show



1. The National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to all competitors, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or club or team affiliation.

2. The competition will take place in five categories. Each competitor will specify the category in which he wishes to compete when he registers.

3. By registering for the competition, all competitors give their permission to the organizers and to the organizers’ designees that the competitors may be photographed, videotaped, and tape recorded and further that the organizers and their designees may use the photographs, video tapes, and audio tapes of the competitor for any purpose including commercial purposes. Any competitor who does not agree to this provision must notify the organizers in writing before the start of the competition.

4. The organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Any rule modifications will be announced publicly before the competition begins.

5. All decisions of the judges and organizers are final.

6. The judges will be required to be impartial. The judges will receive no information regarding judging except for the official judging criteria which are available to the public.

7. Discourteous, abusive, or unprofessional behavior by a contestant may lead to disqualification at the organizers’ discretion.

8. The results of the judges’ voting will be made public following the competition.

9. Artificial facial hair is not permitted.

10. The term “aids” as used in the category descriptions means artificial styling aids such as moustache wax, hair spray, hair cream, styling foam, hair gel, hair pins, rubber bands, hair ties, and the like.





For the Love of Craft Beer

Here are the Barrel, we love craft beer.  Craft beer continues to grow in popularity in the US as many more people are venturing away from Coors and Budweiser.

The Apple Barrel is hosting a Local Brewing Presentation for History and Harvest Weekend on October 12.  We are honored to have Craig Gravina from the Albany Ale Project come and discuss with us the great things going on with brewing in our area and our strong history in brewing.  Craig will be joined by Justin Behan of Green Wolf Brewing Co. in Middleburgh.  Justin is opening the first micro craft brewery in Schoharie County and what makes his beer even nicer is that he is using Schoharie Valley grown hops in many of them.  Justin will be offering a tasting of his beers that you will be able to get at his brewery soon.

In anticipation of our upcoming event, I figured it was time to offer a lesson on how to taste craft beers.  Then you can come into the Apple Barrel and sample one of the many that we offer from New York State and New England.  To learn more about craft beers, also check out Brew Central– your resource for learning all about craft beer in Central New York and an association we are a proud member of.

12 Months of Kindness

 The Apple Barrel in Schoharie is proud to announce one year of events that will continue to raise funds for local charities.  Each event will be different from the others and geared towards enriching the community.  The Apple Barrel in Schoharie has been very active during the past 30 years helping local charities as much as possible.  However, this year they are taking that activity to a whole new level.  Local charities were chosen that the Apple Barrel staff and community have personal connections with.

The Apple Barrel is making this announcement following the 2 year anniversary of the Schoharie Creek basin flooding caused by Hurricane Irene because one of the local charities that will benefit is Schoharie Area Long Term (SALT).   The Apple Barrel has been involved in other SALT fundraisers that managing director Jessica Loden Kirby has created including the Schoharie logos and Pieces of the Recovery puzzles which have raised close to $75,000 for the organization. During 12 Months of Kindness there are 2 major fundraisers for SALT planned that will benefit 2 flood impacted families.   

The first event of the 12 Months of Kindness will be a Pink Fashion Show to benefit Marathon for a Better Life on October 17 (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month).  In November (Men’s Cancer Awareness Month), the Apple Barrel will host a Movember Beard and Moustache Contest with craft beer tastings to benefit Marathon for a Better Life as well.  In December, the Apple Barrel has a major event planned called Home for the Holidays.  With SALT acting as the partner charity, the Apple Barrel will decorate the living room of a flood affected family for Christmas.  The Apple Barrel will collect donations to aid in the cost of paint and furniture.  Donation collection begins this weekend during their Christmas Preview.  Events in 2014 for 12 Months of Kindness are still being planned but include a High Tea Garden Party, Family Fun Day, Teacher’s Night Out, Red Party, Mardi Gras Gala and more.  In May 2014 another large fundraiser to benefit a family working with SALT will occur to restore gardens and landscape their home.

The Apple Barrel is located in Schoharie, NY and is only 1/2 hour from the Capital Region.  The Apple Barrel is a country gift store and cafe that was founded in 1983 and is celebrating 30 years this year.

To learn more about the Apple Barrel’s 12 Months of Kindness, to volunteer, donate or purchase tickets for any of the events please visit www.applebarrelcountrystore.com or call 518-295-7179.

What A Week

What a couple of weeks it’s been!

My Mom and Josh went to Las Vegas for the week to support and help my sister Larissa who did her first wholesale trade show for her jewelry biz.  (Check out larissaloden.com and fall in love).  While Mom was gone I decided to take it on myself to surprise her with a beautiful store to come back to.  Thank goodness I have a great AB crew to work alongside me as we really pulled it off.  We’ve completely redone a majority of the store.  And there are some incredible displays to see.  Everyone that has been in so far has really been impressed.  So I’m sure you will be too!IMG_20130823_112911

So besides the major renos, I have some other things in the fire.  Some of which I can tell you about and some of which I can’t. (Secret til it happens!) But these things have really added on to the amount of craziness going on and I love it.  I always tell me husband, “Don’t worry- I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

We were a part of the 2nd anniversary of the flood on Saturday.  Cullin and myself served some amazing food from the cafe at the Bounty of the County Farmer’s Market.  (I tried not to eat too much of it!) On Sunday, we played host to Suzi Parron, author of “Quilt Barns and the American Quilt Trail Movement.”  The event was a Sinfully Delicious Afternoon with our favorite baker- Rick of Lilac Hollow Farm and a fundraiser for the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail.  Suzi did a great talk, signed copies of her book and everyone got to leave in sugar comas!2013-08-25 15.42.06

Next weekend we will have our highly anticipated Christmas Preview and a big announcement to happen this week too!  We have so much going on at the Barrel you don’t want to miss it!

See you soon!

Show the Barrel Instragram Love Contest!

instagramI love a good contest.  Prize or not there is something that gets the adrenaline going in a fun competition.

I’ve decided to start a new contest for all of our friends of the Barrel- an Instagram contest.  In case you don’t know about Instagram it’s a social network based on photo sharing.  Like other social networks, you follow your friends, like their photos, tag people in your photo posts and can hashtag til the cows come home. #moo

We’ve started a new Apple Barrel Instagram account (Follow us! Our username is: applebarrel).

Now how does this contest work…

Take some photos and tag the Apple Barrel in them by posting “@applebarrel”.  For extra points even throw in our favorite hashtag handles #onlyatthebarrel and #wickedneatstuff.  We want your photos to be Apple Barrel-y.  They can be photos from inside the store, photos of some of your favorite scores from the Barrel, photos of the amazing lunch you just had in the cafe… you get the idea.instagram 1

After you post your photo have your friends, neighbors, strangers, postman, etc. like it on Instagram.  Photo with the most love by the end of the month will be that month’s winner of a discount coupon! Then at the end of 12 months we’ll select a grand prize winner!

So get creative and show us your Instagram love!


Prepping for Endless Summer

Perfect plants

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It's time to start gardening, if you haven't already. Start by cleaning up your garden clearing leaves, weeds and other rubbish. Give the soil a little till to aerate it and then start planning. You'll need to know where the sun hits your garden so you can pick the perfect plants. If you want any help and guidance we are happy to offer it. Apple Barrel Mama Sue knows all you'll want to know. She has a great green thumb!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Something Handmade

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A fantastic option for a perfect Mother's Day gift is something handmade. It's something you can't recreate and is totally one of a kind. The Apple Barrel is having a living wreath class on May 4th. A living wreath is just as it sounds- it's a wreath that is made from living plants like succulents and other small flowers. Give us a call to reserve a spot and get creative!

What’s New at the Barrel

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for a few weeks now, but with everything new at the Barrel it’s been a little difficult.  Plus my Mom was gone last week for a few days with my brother.  I have to say that I received a whole new appreciation for everything that my she does on a daily basis to run a business that has been open almost everyday for the past 30 years. 

So let’s get down the business… what’s new? My reply is always “What isn’t”?!

Graphics (1)Easter is nearly here!  I think Easter is a fantastic holiday for everyone.  It’s a time to celebrate re-birth.  The Earth is changing and spring is coming. It’s a chance to have a family get together that maybe you haven’t had since Christmas.  Our Easter decor is now on sale! If you’re looking for a little last minute decor to freshen up your home for this weekend then come on down! You may be able to bag a bargain! And if you’re entertaining remember our pies and cream pies! Orders need to be in tomorrow to ensure we can fulfill it!

We’ve had so much new stuff come in it’s hard to keep up!  Everything from new wreaths, spring decor, home decor, mugs, jewelry, clothing… the list goes on and on! 

Have you liked us on Facebook? Following us on Twitter? Repinning our pins on Pinterest? facebook We have a super contest going on over in Facebookland.  When we reach 3,000 fans we are giving away 3 HUGE gift baskets!  So go check it out and get entered! 

We have some exciting new dishes joining the menu next week. Definitely make plans to meet and eat the Hawaiian Salad or the Buffalo Chicken Wrap! And don’t forget our wonderful dinners on Friday and Saturday night.  Plus there are big “doin’s” going on behind the scenes at the Apple Barrel Cafe.  Stay tuned here to find out more when it happens! 

2013 is a big year for the Barrel… there’ll be plenty more new coming at you soon.  Thanks for tuning in and I look forward to talking to you again soon!