Celebrating 34 years!

appleThis weekend we will be celebrating 34 years in business.  It’s an amazing feat to accomplish and we couldn’t have done this without your support. Over the past 34 years we have had some incredible experiences. We’ve held numerous events, including our annual Holiday Shopper’s Night and Girlfriend’s Night. Do you remember events of the past like our Haunted House? Or how about classes of the past like Tole Painting?

We’ve been voted Best Restaurant in Schoharie County by Capital Region Living Magazine every year since we’ve opened, won 3 Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence, and have been written about in numerous publications. We’ve hosted local celebrities like Greg Aidala and Katie Manning- Hilton, as well as politicians, Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Assemblyman Jim Seward and many others.

We’ve been super active in our community and are always willing to give back. To date we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities. After Hurricane Irene we also donated free meals to all of the volunteers working to get our town back on it’s feet.

And that’s just the beginning. If I wrote about all of the experiences over the last 34 years, it would be a novel. Albeit, a great novel. But I want to hear from you. Comment below with one of your favorite experiences or stories of the Apple Barrel over the last 34 years. We’ll have Sue Loden pick her favorite and that person will receive a $34 gift certificate!

We can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Heather Dugan says:

    Our favorite Apple Barrel experience is when we found a little fireplace with matching stockings. We lived in a small place without a fireplace. Your item made our Christmas time special, especially for our daughter who was worried how Santa would get in the house!!!

  2. Rose Ryan Kemp says:

    I just love stopping for lunch, shopping and various treats!! Great place in Central New York!!

  3. Jennifer DiCaprio says:

    My favorite experience was finding a book about Duanesburg that has a picture of my grandmother in it and a sign that reads Mariaville, my hometown. Our meal was awesome too! Great place!!!!

  4. Susanne Schultz says:

    When our daughter was small we would take her to the Apple Barrel to see Santa on kids day every year. The first time we took her she was about 4 (this was 17 years ago). We made sure we got there early because I didn’t know what to expect. While we waited for Santa to arrive, we did some shopping. I heard the front door open and heard Santa’s voice. She had no idea and when she came around the corner of the aisle she came face to face with Santa. She just stood there, not saying a word until Santa said hello to her and then she just lit up with excitement. When it was her turn to sit on Santa’s lap, he remembered who she was and asked her if he scared her. She told him no and proceeded to list her wants for Christmas. One of the most exciting days of her life and the best Santa experience she has ever had.

  5. Nicole Nawrot says:

    Every experience at the Apple Barrel has been magical! I love stopping in during the change of seasons and seeing what’s around. The cafe is always a major highlight of the visit. The food is excellent, especially the butternut squash soup.

  6. Charlene Zamjohn says:

    I love the Apple Barrel! I love to take friends from out of the area to lunch and shopping with you. You are always a bit hit! The food is excellent and the portion sizes are generous. I especially like your soups made with local ingredients. My favorite is the squash soup. For this past Christmas, I bought a beautiful picture for my daughter. She loves it. This week my sister and I will be coming to have lunch and do some shopping. We’ve gotten several people hooked on the snap on jewelry. See you soon.

  7. Donna Westfall-Rudd says:

    Hi- I am very, very thankful for the memories I have of going to lunch at the Apple Barrel with my grandmother, Laura Westfall. Since I live out-of-town she would always invite me to go to lunch with here when I was home and I made a promise to myself (and kept it) that I would always take the time to have lunch with her because someday it would no longer be an opportunity. She has been gone for more than two years and I think often about how great it was just to have lunch with her and catch up on life. Thank you for having such a wonderful place to meet, eat delicious food, and enjoy friend & family.

  8. MaryBeth Pellein says:

    I do not live close to the Apple Barn, but I love to come out, make a day of it, and see all the wonderful new things you have in the store, and then get something yummy to eat! My favorite memory is when I took a class last winter and made a boxwood Christmas tree….
    So much fun!!

  9. We visited Apple Barrel on a fall day trip back in 2012. The wonderful experiences we had that day in Schoharie county played a large roll in our decision to move out here in 2013. Since that trip we have become regulars at the store and cafe, but our favorite experience was right after the attacks in Paris in November of 2015. The store was buzzing with people stopping in to check in on Josh, who had been in Paris during the attacks. The love and concern that the community was showing confirmed our decision to be part of this community. How many stores or restaurants can you think of where the customers know the staff and waiters by name and care about them? It’s proof that Apple Barrel is more than just a store or café. It’s the best of small, local business. It’s community. It’s family.

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